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Your Therapist – Paula Atkinson

“Helping to change people’s lives is my passion”

Being a Colonic Hydrotherapist, and performing a first class, professional treatment not only helps to change my client's lives but also fulfils me on a personal level.

Living with irregular bowel movements, I believed it was 'normal' not to eliminate on a daily basis and it wasn't until I found Colon Hydrotherapy that I realised how toxic my body and colon were, and that it was possible to change.

I believe we have a path to follow in life and certain situations open up opportunities that guide us to our destiny.

I first stumbled across Colonics, when looking for alternative therapies to help my parents' health issues. My father after becoming life threatening ill, following a Gall bladder operation, and my Mother who being disabled has faced many health issues and challenges through her life.

As a practicing Colonic Hydrotherapist I am able to assist my parents on a different level.

For my father I was able to treat him and eliminate the toxic waste that the Gall Bladder could no longer do as well as flushing and cleansing the Liver to avoid toxicity. For my mother I continue to help her on a regular basis and give her the dignity that we all deserve whether we are disabled or able bodied.

Each and every one of us deserves to live a healthy, balance life and a regularly maintained Colon can give us just that.

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